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Tuesday evening, the Teamsters union announced it had reached a last-minute deal with the trucking companies covered by the union’s National Master Automobile Transporters Agreement (NMATA). With workers prepared to walk out at midnight Tuesday, in an action that could quickly bring the auto industry to a halt, Teamsters officials instructed more than 3,000 drivers, mechanics and yard workers to report to work Wednesday.

The union did not release any details of the new three-year deal, although they predictably claimed it “addresses our members’ top priorities.” In a statement, the union declared, “Details of the tentative agreement will be announced after leaders from local unions meet June 16 in Washington to review the proposal, which is required by the IBT constitution. Members will report to work as normal.”

In a video statement on the union’s Facebook page, Avral Thompson, the head of the Teamsters Carhaul Division, said, “I know you’re itching to know [what is in the agreement] but just trust us, there are videos you’re going to see that people are very excited about this deal, and you’re going to be happy with it, just hold on a little bit longer, you’re going to be fine.”

The Teamsters have already begun their propaganda campaign to sell the deal, with any critical comments on the last-minute deal excluded from their Facebook page. Workers reacting to the deal have very different views. “They sure are in a hurry to ratify. They say it’s an epic deal. We’ll see. We are told to continue to work!”

Car haulers are determined to recoup decades of wage and pension cuts accepted by the union, and improve their working conditions.

A walkout by car haulers would have an immediate impact on the auto industry, which relies on the drivers to transport new vehicles from assembly plants and rail yards to car dealerships.

The car haulers are employed by Jack Cooper, Cassens Transport and five smaller carriers, including Active, Annapolis Junction Rail Solutions, Flint Rail Services, and RCS Transportation. Earlier this month, car haulers in Detroit, Toledo, Ohio, western New York and other locations cast a near unanimous vote to authorize the union to call a strike when the contract expires tonight.

Cassens car hauler (WSWS)