I have them, had them for 10 plus years and had no regrets, signed up when the solar input credit was generous, which is due to run out next year…

There are things you need to understand clearly before signing up to ANY contract.
The solar input rate at the moment is low, maybe 9c per kW/hr, which isn’t much, i’m getting about 0.54c

There are very cost effective systems being offered for very good prices, I Paid 10k for my system and it has delivered a credit every quarter since it was installed, which with rough in my head type calculations means my 5kW system with 5.5kW of panels has paid for itself more than three times over.

Yes, the technology has improved, and yes, manufacturing costs have come down, in some cases significantly which contributes to the lower buy in price, but there are other clauses in the contracts that also help offset the price, often you sign over your rights to your solar input, your provider (Ergon) can turn your input off remotely (it is all to do with managing the network, keeping voltage more constant etc) as well as wanting access to your economy tariff, 31 or 33 to turn that off if there is significant load on the network, which in the height of summer, if your A/C is wired to it could be a problem.

In short, make sure you’re fully aware of how you use your power and whether you have economy tariffs and if you’re comfortable with the utility managing it to suit their needs, rather than yours.

You can buy a solar system outright with no access by Ergon but it will cost more, if you look at that make sure you buy a hybrid invertor that can manage both solar export and battery management. I will be buying new once my feed in deal expires and installing batteries so i can charge them during the day, then export till sundown and it automatically switches to batteries then if they run out it switches back over to the network.
If you have an EV plugged in charging the utility can even drain that if they require the power as it’s connected to your house, fine print, it’s a bastard.

I would highly recommend buying outright rather than signing contract that gives away your control, but whatever you do to maximise your solar benefits with a low input credit value use all your high consumption appliances during the day, minimise use at night. if you export at 0.09 you would rather consume it because if you consume it from the network you’re paying 0.28c or so…..