AFTER eighteen months in operation, a travelling biker barber is about to kickstart her Victorian regional tour with Ballarat as her first major stop.

From 10.30am on Saturday, 3 September, Christine Keeble, known as the Barbering Biker, will ride into town on her Indian Chief motorcycle named Calamity Jane to give a handful of locals a makeover.

Kitted out with a saddle, leather, tassels and trailer in tow, Ms Keeble said her “steampunk equestrian” aesthetic is sure to turn heads.

“I’m quite the show. Whatever town I roll into, people come from everywhere to see,” she said.

“I travel to rural places throughout Australia, let them know I’m coming and have them dob in a local legend or two to give them a bit of a makeover.

“Kids will get their pictures taken on the saddle, and I love that people get some joy out of it to see me on this big 400-kilo bike. It makes them smile.”

Ms Keeble’s first, who started her Harley hairstyling in mid-2020 as a side-hustle from her day-job as a stage producer and writer.

As the Barbering Biker, she said she’s been able to blend her previous training as a hairdresser with her love of motorcycles and adventure.

Her visits are free for spectators, and those who receive a trim will also get a t-shirt from Indian Motorcycle Ballarat.

Ms Keeble will record the haircut, and the footage, coupled with her findings on Ballarat’s settlement and Indigenous history, to be compiled into a video showcase of the city.

As well as looking dapper, Ms Keeble said there are other benefits to her visit.

“Mental health is a really hot topic but nobody really talks about community health and that’s where I’m trying to hang my hat,” she said.

“It’s about bringing the community together, getting them involved in the whole thing. They get to feel responsible because they choose the local legend who gets their hair cut.”