Motorcycle Covers - A Buyers Guide

Motorcycle Covers : So you just went out and bought a new motorcycle and you want to protect that new shine, and keep the chrome sparkling in the sun. One of the best investments you can add to your accessory list is a motorcycle cover.

There are so many covers out there to choose from. Finding the right cover that suite your needs and fits your bike is one of the biggest challenges, when buying a good quality motorcycle cover.

Before choosing your new cover there are several things you will need to consider. What, where, and when will you be using the cover? Based on these questions, we can break down the different features that you will want to consider.

If you will be using your cover to protect it from the weather elements all year around, then you will want to make sure you get a cover that provides excellent UV protection and is waterproof. You should also make sure that the motorcycle cover is a good fit, so that rain and snow do not have any collection points when you have the cover on the bike. Appropriate tie down points are also critical.

If the cover is going to be used for keeping the dust off in the garage, then the fit is not as important. You can also sacrifice on waterproof and UV protection as this will not be a concern. Any cover that provides ample coverage will suffice.

If you are buying a motorcycle cover for road trips, then you will want to consider a number of different features. This style of covers is commonly referred to as “half cover.” First and foremost it should provide UV protection and be made of a high quality waterproof and breathable material. It should also be very easy to pack in your saddle bags. Another important feature is it should miss the hotspots of the motorcycle. The ability to get off your motorcycle and immediately put your cover on will be a great asset. Also consider how it will mount to your bike. If the mounting points of the motorcycle cover provide enough room between the seat and top of the cover you can store your gear on your seat. Half covers are usually manufactured by custom motorcycle cover companies. The fit and mounting points are tailored to the make and model of the motorcycle. This style will not cover every part of your bike but will provide the coverage where it is important.

Other things to consider when choosing a good quality motorcycle cover are the material it is made of, craftsmanship, and price. When choosing a cover you want to make sure that it is made from non-abrasive non-metallic material. Anything that will scratch or blemish your paint job or chrome should always be avoided. The material of the motorcycle cover should be waterproof and breathable. It should also provide a level of UV protection. This is very important especially on those hot days of summer when getting on a sun beaten seat can be really uncomfortable.

The craftsmanship of the cover can usually be determined by how well the company stands behind their product. Be aware of no refund policies. This can be a red flags with any products. When shopping for a motorcycle cover do a search for the company product online and see if anyone has already reviewed the product. These reviews can definitely save you from a lot of poor buying decisions.

Price is also a determining factor when choosing a good cover. You definitely want to make sure your getting a great product but at an affordable price.

Protecting your motorcycle investment is always an overlooked aspect within the riding community. Having a good quality protective motorcycle cover will not only increase the beautiful color and look of your motorcycle for years to come, but it will also help you have peace of mind that you are protecting your investment.