Making Car Transport a Simple Process : Car transportation is always a complex process involving both time and money. In spite of spending time and money, one is not sure whether the vehicle will reach safely and undamaged to its desired destination. This is due to the various problems that arise before and during the car shipping. However, car transportation can be made a simple process provided one takes some necessary steps before finally deciding to transport the vehicle. In this article we will discuss some precautionary measures that can be taken for smooth transportation of car.

Step 1. Secure as many bids or quotes from reputed car carriers after thorough research. Ensure that these transporters are capable of moving your car from the origin place to the destination place. Provide all the details of your vehicle to them and tell them the origin and destination points.

Step 2. Get all the relevant documents of your car updated and ready. This is required to ensure that no problems arise before, during, or after the car has been transported. Also find out whether some other documents are needed for the transportation.

Step 3. Compare the prices quoted by different car haulers. Do not finalize a transporter on the basis of transportation cost only. Inquire about the background of the transporter and since how many years the company has been in business. This is very important to know because many fraud transporters are also in this business to dupe people. Also, ask the transporter about the mode of transport that would be used for car shipping.

Step 4. Prepare your car for transportation. Make sure that you have not left any important papers or personal things in the car. Clean and wipe the car with care and remove all the accessories like stereo, decorative hangings etc. from the vehicle. However, you may leave items like jack, extra tyre, or kids’ safety seat in the car, after making sure from the auto transporter about their safety. Further, switch off the alarm system of your car and pack away the antenna. Inquire from the transport company as to how much petrol you should leave in the fuel tank. In other words, do all the common things that you would normally do.

Step 5. After signing the lading bill, hand over the car to the car transporter. Do not forget to inspect the car and sign the condition report. Pay full amount or some part of it as an advance money against the transportation cost, depending upon the terms and conditions of the company.

Step 6. Receive or arrange for the receiving of your car at its final destination. Check the car again to ensure that it is not damaged and is in the same condition as it was while handing over to the auto transport company.