There are many worthwhile fundraising options out there in the community, and Cass City’s Brey Beeman is hoping to help out the homeless with his fundraising efforts.

“My dream is to help others and raise money for when they are in need,” Beeman said. “I dream of helping people that are in troubling times, especially evictions that are happening around the city and community.” 

Beeman was once homeless himself years ago and didn’t want to see that happen to his family or others around his community. 

“It’s of course not something that you think about happening at first,” Beeman said. “There were bad times during that period, and I know how others in that same situation are feeling.”

In a report done by the University of Michigan Poverty Solutions group, Tuscuola County had a 5.2-9.4 eviction filing rate in 2018. Since that time, there has been a pandemic and multiple other worldwide events that have only made that number increase. 

While living in the town of Cleveland about 30 minutes out of Chatanooga, Tennessee, Beeman worked as a porter. As someone who likes to help others in any situation, he came up with the idea of using his skills of car detailing for a greater good.

“I want to make sure others don’t go homeless, and if I can help with that then I most definitely can,” Beeman said. “I hate seeing community members getting evicted and not having any place of shelter, so I hope that with this fundraiser I can help make a difference.” 

Beeman, has always had a passion for working with cars, including exterior and interior major work as well as detailing vehicles. With his experience working with all kinds of vehicles, including buses, boats or just about any other automobile, he believes he can help make a difference and impact others. 

“When someone steps into their vehicle and it’s dirty, it’s just a different feeling,” Beeman said. “But if it’s clean inside and out, it’s a lot better feeling and really lifts the mood.”

Beeman is hoping to get the ball rolling here soon, as he is looking for more clients. He is very flexible and does it right at his own home. 

“Everything is done right here in Cass City,” Beeman said. “If someone contacts me, ill be available and ready to go.”

For more information, contact Beeman at 989-559-0049.