Bathrooms are one of the most challenging rooms in the house to clean. Despite people’s best efforts, they are often prone to limescale, mould, hair and bacteria. For those planning a bathroom design soon, bathroom expert, Richard Ghinn from, has shared which bathroom designs are the easiest to clean.

The bathroom pro said a steel bath is more hygienic while swapping tiles and grout for seamless panels will save homeowners valuable cleaning time.

Richard said: “Like fashion and home interiors, trends for bathrooms can change quickly, and it can be easy to get sucked into what looks great online if you are planning a new bathroom.

“But until those products are installed, it’s difficult to know what it will be like living with them.

“Some of the most popular bathroom products are hard to keep clean, and no one wants to spend more time than they have to, keeping a new bathroom looking great.”

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Brass also shows significantly less fingerprint marks and limescale.

The bathroom expert shared his top tips for keeping brass fixtures gleaming.

He said: “An easy way to keep brass gleaming is by popping a small bit of olive oil on a cloth and simply wiping it over the tap or shower head.

“This stops tarnishing and leaves the brass shining bright and less likely to show water marks.”

Mould resistant steel bath

Freestanding baths are very popular but due to their size, they are often positioned close to a wall, creating an area that’s difficult to clean.

To get the “freestanding look”, it may be best to opt for a back to wall freestanding bath.

Richard said: “These are a stylish option and also work well with wall mounted bath taps, which again makes for easier cleaning.

“If you opt for a more traditional style, a stainless steel bath has lots of advantages when it comes to cleaning.

“It’s naturally non porous, so germs can’t stick around, and it’s resistant to UV light, limescale and mould. A bonus is that it keeps your bath water nice and warm for longer too.”

Concealed shower kits

Shampoo, soap and other bath products can cause mould to build up in certain shower areas.

Limescale can also attach itself to shower heads and surrounding areas.

In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, homeowners should design a simple shower.

The bathroom experts said: “Most family bathrooms have a shower over a bath, and our best advice is to opt for a concealed shower kit, which means only the dials and shower head are exposed.

“This makes it much easier to wipe around, especially when paired with the no grout wall panels.”

Rimless toilet

Richard said one of the most “misleading” products being sold as “easier to clean” are wall-hung toilets.

These actually have gaps between the toilet and floor which means they are harder to clean.

He continued: “A hassle-free alternative is a back to wall toilet, in a ‘rim free’ design.

“This design is one of the newest and biggest feature upgrades for the humble toilet in recent years.

“Although they look exactly like a standard toilet from the outside, when you lift the seat you’ll find no ‘rim’ on the inside of the toilet.

“No rim = nowhere for the germs to hide! It’s much quicker and easier to clean.

“We’ve tested a lot of these designs in different shapes, and the round rimless toilets passed our anti-splash test, compared to the square-shaped that the water escaped from as it washes around the pan.”