The auto shipping industry is rife with customer complaints. Some might be unfounded, but a lot also prove legitimate and repetitive. Upon closer inspection of the issues, it appears that inaccurate quotations and additional charges are among the chief complaints of customers. While many car transport service providers argue that quotes are dependent on various factors, the lack of transparency and initiative to divulge the entire process and potential add-on charges set off many customers.

Many companies admit that they intentionally give lower pricing rates because they don’t want to scare off potential customers. This may be effective In the initial sales process, but in the long run, this deceptive practice comes back to bite shipping companies in the head with massive complaints from customers.

Mercury Auto Transport seems to have found a way to address this primary issue, which led to the company increasing its market share. Under CEO Matthew Sandomir’s leadership, the company has set up a pricing and payment system wherein customers are charged only after they have approved and accepted a specific carrier for shipping their vehicles. The common practice among shipping companies is to charge customers a deposit immediately after signing up for the services with very little explanation of how the auto shipping services work.

Sandomir explains that when he was building the company from the ground up, his focus was to protect customers from fraud and unfulfilled expectations. This explains the company’s core values that prioritize transparency and accountability. Every customer that Mercury Auto Transport has handled was given a thorough explanation of the entire process and how auto shipping works. This way, the customer can make informed decisions.

Sandomir admits that this strategy was quite challenging initially because Mercury Auto Transport was up against an onslaught of companies that were willing to do and say anything to win customers over. Eventually, the market found the value of transparency and shifted from other companies to Mercury Auto Transport.

This is made evident by the sheer number of their transactions. Since the company’s founding in 2007, Mercury Auto Transport has shipped 346,876 vehicles, with numbers spiking up in 2018, resulting in a 25% year-on-year increase in revenue. Even at the height of the pandemic in 2021, Sandomir and his team were able to fulfill close to 30,000 transactions, closing over $27.2 million in total sales.

As Mercury Auto Transport enters its 15th year, the company is set to take the auto transport service up a notch by developing the world’s first-ever platform that allows customers to instantly look up carriers within the area and see the current market rates. Sandomir expects the company’s growth rate to surpass current trends as soon as the platform takes off.

Jennifer Smith
Senior Journalist

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