A Case Made Against EV Trucks and the Tech That Comes with Them (or will soon)

How much more dangerous are electric trucks than a conventional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle? Probably more than you and many others realize. And if you are guessing over which type of collision statistically produces the most fatalities, the odds are pretty good that you would also guess wrong on that one as well.

The point here is that both of these questions are related. And to fully understand and appreciate the answers to these types of questions you need to know something about the 5 different types of collisions that occur, how they compare when it comes to fatality likelihood, why texting is considered worse than driving drunk, and how some simple physics ties all of this together when it comes to the risks of Electric Vehicle-related deaths compared to ICE vehicle-related deaths.

That is the message in a recently posted Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel episode where Scotty voices his concerns that he says no one is talking about yet while EV and ICE Worlds are literally on a collision course with each other.

In a nutshell, yes there are continued improvements in airbag deployment and crumple zone design to protect motorists, but the safety tech is currently outmatched by simple physics when the two dissimilar vehicle types collide. Furthermore, FSD (full self-driving) has not been achieved yet, but too many people act like it’s here already…and safe.

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That said, here’s what Scotty has to say in this short video that raises some probing questions about where we are headed down the road with the changes we see in automotive tech today,

No One is Talking About Electric Car Deaths, So I Have to

And finally…

We would like to hear from you: Is Scotty just another stereotyped disgruntled old guy resisting change; or, do you think that he is onto something that is being ignored right now? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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