Give your car a sparkling, clean, streak free finish using microfiber car cleaning products, leaving your car shiny and foreign debris free, without using chemical cleaners.

Microfiber towels with their special technology won’t scratch the paint and can be used naturally without harsh chemicals that can damage you or the finish on your vehicle. Not only will your car be cleaner and shinier, but you will be healthier in the process, and helping to protect our environment by reducing the amount of chemicals we add to our soil and water supply.

Car detailers love microfiber for its cleaning and buffing abilities. Microfiber is great for getting the bugs off, just wet your rag and rub, microfiber has awesome scrubbing abilities. Use a terry microfiber towel for scrubbing and suede microfiber cloth for buffing your car after waxing.

The microfiber suede will glide across the surface and with its natural polish-like friction, requiring very little effort to buff your car. Microfiber suede is the best buffing cloth. With its low nap, the microfiber suede will buff your favorite vehicle, boat or RV to a beautiful shine, while not removing the wax.

Remember the thicker the nap on a microfiber towel the more it will pull in dirt or wax. So you will want to wash with a thicker napped microfiber towel and buff with a low nap microfiber. A towel cannot tell the difference between dirt and wax, as it will remove both.

If you find dust collecting in your car, just moisten a microfiber suede or terry all purpose cloth, lay it onto the surface and slowly pull it towards you. The dirt and oil collecting ability of the microfiber will suck it up and leave you with a spotless finish.

Have a film collecting on the inside of your wind shield, clean it with water or a little of your favorite window cleaner and a microfiber cloth. The microfiber will pull that film right off of there, leaving you will a clean and shiny window.

Got an RV or are an avid camper, take these microfiber cloths along with you for their quick cleanup ability. Microfiber will make fast work of all your cleanup jobs that come your way.

I keep a microfiber towel in our vehicles at all times, to have handy to clean up emergency spills, for wiping off the seats and dash when you accidentally leave your windows open and it rains, or for wiping off a foggy windshield.

Just remember to wash your “rags” after using in hot water and mild laundry detergent with no bleach or fabric softeners, to keep them in tip top shape for years to come. Microfiber also dries faster with lower heat, than the heavier cotton towels, so will save you money, which you can use on your other favorite things.