A 4.9-star rating in the auto shipping industry is rare, but this is what people find when they search for Matthew Sandomir’s Mercury Auto Transport. One specific client provides insight into why the company has become a hit in the shipping industry and how it has experienced a 25% year-on-year growth in its total sales since 2018.

We did a lot of research to find a reliable transporter for my car, to move it from Georgia to California. Ivan, the driver, was super nice. The dispatcher kept us updated on the car’s progress, and the folks at Mercury who coordinated everything were very, very, very helpful and responsive. I recommend them without question.

In 2021 alone, the company reached $27 million in total sales, shipping almost 30,000 vehicles across the country. According to Sandomir, the most crucial aspect of his business is the staff’s dedication to ensuring all customers are informed of every part of the process flow. The company is also known for its transparency in pricing, insurance, and everything from start to service delivery. In contrast, other companies are willing to do and say anything to win over a potential customer. While this persuades clients initially, the inability to deliver on price and delivery promises eventually catches up and turns off customers for repeat services.

On top of its transparency, Sandomir designed Mercury Auto Transport to be the first car shipping company not to charge a broker fee until the client fully approves an actual time and reputable carrier to pick up the vehicle. This helps the company stand out from its competition since the customary practice is to charge customers prior to these details being solidified. While paying in advance is acceptable to some, the real problem is that usually, these companies provide little explanation of the shipping process, leaving customers feeling confused.

This practice started attracting customers and top talent in the industry hungry for a transparent and honest business, providing accurate pricing and a detailed explanation on how car transport services work. Mercury Auto Transport also has a system in place that guarantees every carrier is FMCSA licensed and insurance verified before dispatching.

On top of the company’s excellent customer service, Sandomir also takes pride in how the company has caught up with technology. In 2018, the year for which the company experienced drastic growth, Mercury Auto Transport started streamlining its process with automated quoting to make the transaction easier for potential clients.

Following its success despite the pandemic restrictions in 2020 and 2021, Sandomir expects Mercury Auto Transport’s commitment to providing exceptional service and taking advantage of technology will help the company grow at a faster rate, especially now that the local and federal governments have eased the restrictions.

Jennifer Kelly
Senior Journalist

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